What to Expect

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In an atmosphere of quiet, thoughtfulness and beauty, you can expect to be drawn into loving, grace-filled connection with God. The liturgy may look long or complex, but its contours are very simple:

    • We Practice silence
    • We Sing to God in Worship
    • We Hear God’s word
    • We Confess our sins and our faith
    • We Pray for ourselves and others
    • We Receive the Jesus Meal

Liturgy is for Everyone….don’t worry about being a novice…Liturgy is not the deluxe or heavy-duty version of Christian worship. It is for everyone who is spiritually hungry and seeking training in heartfelt obedience to God and his purpose for our lives—including beginners. Responding to the grace of God, we worship by participating in ancient Christian practices as spiritual disciplines, seeking intimacy with Jesus and transformation into his likeness, becoming his cooperative friends for the sake of others.

Liturgy is Participatory ~ Join in. If you get off track in the liturgy, don’t worry. Just relax in the moment and make yourself peacefully present to, and alert to the Spirit. Allow yourself to be immersed in the community around you—in song, prayers, and God’s Word.


A part of the dream or calling of Holy Trinity is to exemplify how the various elements of liturgy and sacrament can be vital weekly spiritual practices in the cause of our spiritual transformation into Christlikeness.

We hope you will join us as we dialogue about liturgy, life and learning to follow Jesus each week immediately following our Sunday service.


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