Jesus’ incarnation teaches us at least one thing: he was the model of otherliness. The Father sent the Son to seek, save, help, deliver, heal and usher people into life in the kingdom. Because we intend to follow Jesus, Holy Trinity seeks to do the same.

Local Mission

Whenever we can be a resource for good locally, to those in Costa Mesa we are delighted to do so. We work with local schools, their teachers and their low-income families. We work with the Costa Mesa Police Department Crises Team and we serve families abused by human sex-trafficking. We serve at a local soup kitchen.

Costa Mesa Elementary Schools

Over the years Holy Trinity has built a relationship with local elementary schools to contribute to the practical needs and care for children and their low-income families. We’ve tutored children, purchased food and Christmas gifts, funded students attending science camps and after-school programs, purchased books to upgrade a library, catered food for teacher -conference days, and volunteered for school beatification projects. Schools we are serving: Sonora Elementary & Whittier Elementary.

Kristi DeVito is our liaison to Sonora Elementary. Holy Trinity seeks to aid the needs of teachers, children and their families.

Kristi<br />


Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force & iSanctuary

Holy Trinity partners with OCHTTF, local agencies working to end global human trafficking. We fund Christmas gifts & school back-pack drives for the survivors and their families.

Robin Brennan is our liaison to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) and iSanctuary to assist survivors in Orange County and in Mumbai, India.

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Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

Holy Trinity has had an ongoing relationship with feeding the homeless over the years through a few agencies in Orange County. Someone Cares Soup Kitchen is a Costa Mesa agency that is serving 200-300 meals a day, 7 days a week.

Pablo Esparaza serves weekly. Volunteers are always welcome!

Pablo<br />Esparaza


Global Mission

As a new church we are beginning to get our feet wet with global mission too.


myholytrinity-LifewaterHoly Trinity is partnered with Life Water, a project focused on bringing fresh water to rural communities. Our congregation met our first goal of $6000 in June 2016, which funds1 well that serves 300-500 people in a rural village in Kaliro region of Uganda.

Meghan Taylor, Trevecca Okholm, and Marti Clark oversee our well building projects.

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Trevecca<br />


Marti<br />


Short Term Missions

Holy Trinity supports those within our congregation who engage missional outreach activities around the world including India, Ethiopia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Africa. It is our vision to expand our efforts to include short term mission trips to our congregation.

Robin Brennan & Bill Ditewig oversee our missional engagement at Holy Trinity.

Robin<br />Brennan


Bill<br />Ditewig



Concerning evangelism, it seems that broadcast and social media, and propagandized politics has twisted, dumb-downed and trivialized much of our important public and social dialogue. Multiculturalism and social correctness has laid down grumpy and obscure rules that govern what we are allowed to ask or discuss. Consequently, there are few social arenas where we can risk and be free to talk about and explore the larger questions of life and existence so that we can discover our own religious beliefs, convictions and practices.

Given this reality, we are learning to be faithful and effective conversation partners to an ever church-rejecting world. We want to model, from the heart, civil discourse that engages the bigger, God-sized questions of life. Holy Trinity is on a quest to facilitate a relaxed, angst-free evening where the only rules of engagement are trust, respect, honesty and grace: Trust and Respect Evenings, wherein no question is too naïve and no statement is too harsh if it comes from a true place in one’s heart.

For all other outreach inquires contact our Holy Trinity Church Admin at