Church Retreats

Men’s Retreat

March 17-19 (The retreat is presently full).
“The Father Heart of God – Learning from Jesus”
Led by Dennis Okholm
Often our perception of our heavenly Father is framed by our experiences of earthly fathers. What if we looked at Jesus’ demonstration and teachings about the Father since Jesus was the one who knew the heart of the Father and made him known.

Location: A rustic, private cabin in Idyllwild.

Women’s Retreat

May 19-21
“Divine Breathings… The Hope of Surrender / The Freedom of Presence / The Grace of Patience”
Join Gem Fadling,Trevecca Okholm and Karen Askenaze as they facilitate a weekend of gentle conversations and quiet reflection.

Location: Serra Retreat Center, Malibu
Cost: $230

  • Why Retreat?

    There was a clear pattern in the life of Jesus: he appeared in public saying what his father said and doing what his father was doing. Then he disappeared—he retreated. Over and over that rhythm persisted. Since we are apprentices of Jesus, learning to live our lives as he would live them if he were in our place, we follow his pattern. Retreats provide an opportunity for spiritual renewal, for developing or reconnecting to one’s core values, for a prayerful encounter with God in a supportive environment. Retreat is a spiritual practice that allows us to do what is presently under our power in order to become the kinds of persons who, as we dream and desire, can follow Jesus in our actual lives. Retreats are occasional times we build into our monthly and annual calendars in order to practice solitude and silence with more focus and intensity.

  • Who Should Come?

    The one who feels as if their truest self and God are getting buried under the clutter of life. The one who believes that even a brief retreat can strip away day–to–day distractions, yielding to us a clearer picture of God and ourselves. The one who would like to learn that the world we try so hard to control survives even when we are inactive — when we retreat from it.

  • Contact Us

    Holy Trinity offers retreats a few times a year in various venues. If you would like to go on an individual retreat but would like assistance in crafting your retreat with God, please contact Elizabeth Khorey and she can help you with your preparations.


“Beautiful moments of rest, rejuvenation and soul care with God and my community.”

Vivian BrocatoStudent, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Contemplating Christ in silence – to know and be known by him – are things the Christian soul thirsts for. I am grateful to be part of a community that, as a priority, provides me with opportunities to seek out communion with him and meditate on his words.”

Mark JohnsonCosta Mesa, CA

“Retreat was an exceptional time of refreshment. My husband, daughter and I were blessed through contemplation on the Scriptures and time with God.”

Ann KressinFullerton, CA

“In retreat the Holy Spirit reminds me that I’m deeply loved. By getting away from everything I’m able to receive this truth and take it with me back into my daily life.”

Zach HoffmanStudent, Vanguard University

“Retreat is life changing in its simplicity. The moments of silence speak peace. I found a new way to meet with God. It invited me into quietness which I never wanted to leave.”

Joe RandeenCorona, CA

“Making space to hear God’s voice and be with his body was a beautiful gift I received from the retreat.”

Jennifer HodgsonCosta Mesa, CA

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