Care for Costa Mesa

Jesus’ incarnation teaches us at least one thing: he was the model of “otherliness.” His only reason for coming, the reason the Father sent the Son was to seek, save, help, deliver, heal and usher people into life in the kingdom. Because we intend to follow Jesus, Holy Trinity seeks to do the same. Whenever we can be a resource for good to those in Costa Mesa we are delighted to do so. We work with local schools, their teachers and their low-income families. We work with the Costa Mesa Police Department Crises Team and we serve families abused by human sex-trafficking.

Whittier School – Thank You!

The Whittier Elementary School in Costa Mesa is classified as a “Highest Poverty School.” The children come to school with a desire to learn and overcome the obstacles which poverty brings with it. Jennifer Hodgson, a teacher at Whittier (pictured above with her class) and a Holy Trinity member alerted our community to Whittier’s book drive to build the school’s library. This summer, Holy Trinity was able to partner with the school and contributed to the book fund. Pictured is the children’s “thank you” for our partnership in their lives! Also pictured is Jennifer in the middle of her students. The sign the children hold says: “Thank you Holy Trinity!”

Advent Seasonal Giving

Holy Trinity Church Community traditionally supports families in our local Costa Mesa schools and those families who’ve come out of human trafficking with special educational assistance, gifts and money during the Season of Advent. This year, we are excited, once again, to be able to assist children and families in our local communities in tangibly caring ways.

Here’s how you and your family can get involved with Advent Giving this year:

Sonora Elementary School: Giving to Children’s Education

Holy Trinity is assisting 15 students with scholarships to attend the after school program, R.O.C.K.S (Recreation on Campus for Kids), at Senora Elementary. The R.O.C.K.S Program is an after school care for grades K-6 that includes a variety of activities including homework time, games, sports, enrichment activities and arts & crafts. If you would like to contribute to this project, please make your donations payable to Holy Trinity Church with “Senora” in the message line.

Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force:
Giving to families who have come out of human trafficking

Holy Trinity supported women who have been rescued from human trafficking and their families this Advent Season by providing more than 40 gifts! These families will have a little more joy this season thanks to the generosity of our community!

For more information about either program contact us at: