Sundays at 10am in Costa Mesa, CA

Holy Trinity Church
is an Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, CA

As a community we seek intimacy with Jesus and transformation into his likeness through quietness, thoughtfulness, and beauty.

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Our Values

To cooperate with God in the transformation of our souls
for the sake of others.


Discovering the Way of truth

The world as it presently stands is growing in the scope and complexity of its problems, troubles, disputes and challenges. Perplexity, confusion, fear, worry, anxiety and hopelessness color the internal lives of more and more people in our mission field – Orange County, California. Adults are stressed out, over-burdened, over-indebted and over-calendared.  Ask any teacher, constant worry and nervous-tension also grip students; junior high, senior high school and college. Our out-of-work young adults also do not escape this reality.


Becoming still & engaging the presence of God

Core practices for spiritual growth are solitude – and its partner – silence. In solitude we can only hear two voices. One voice makes heard the inner shouts of our worries and anxieties, and the clamoring din of desire. The other voice is the loving, reordering and reorienting expression of God. In solitude we discover that we are not alone.


Seeing the glittering sacredness of life

Contrary to the normal accounts in the news, God is healing the world. He has not abandoned his creation. In fact, he is coming ever closer to the world to reconcile it to him. God is renewing the whole cosmos in his image. This renewal and reconciliation happens through Jesus, the world’s true Lord and King.