Holy Trinity Partners With Lifewater

myholytrinity-LifewaterFunding a Well for a Rural Village

UPDATE: We just found out that our well will be in the Kaliro region of Uganda.

On Sunday, June 5 Holy Trinity welcomed good friend Bobby DeLancellotti as we launched our missional partnership with Lifewater to purchase a well for a rural village impoverished by the lack of a fresh water source. Lifewater is a Christian non-profit that brings clean water and sanitation to rural villages all over the world.

Our goal this summer is to raise $6,000 to fund a well in a village without the availability of fresh water. The project will integrate our entire community: adults and children! Families of pre-schoolers, children, and youth are invited to participate in our fundraising goal to purchase one well.

To read more about Lifewater, their mission and impact in the world, visit their website.

For information about Holy Trinity’s participation in the mission contact Trevecca Okholm at treveccao@gmail.com

Click here to listen to Bobby’s vision & mission at his visit to our church.

Click here to give, and click on Lifewater Well Fund in our directed giving box.

Our Character At Work

Many leaders need to win (and thus humiliate others), need to get their way (and thus threaten others), need to be seen in a positive light (and thus blame others), need to give good news to those they report to (and thus intimidate others into fudging reports when necessary), and need to be seen as powerful in every setting (and thus speak condescendingly to others). Our Character at Work demonstrates that leadership is more effective and ethical when done in servant-led ways. How do you become a servant leader? It begins with your heart… Put everything you have into the care of your heart — the hidden, causative, motivational you — for everything you do flows from it. It is the real source of your outward life. It determines what your life amounts to. (Proverbs 4:23, author’s paraphrase) Our Character at Work leads you on a personal journey, guiding you to an interior renovation of heart and soul that produces genuine and consistent servant leaders.

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Todd’s Podcast on Our Character at Work

On this podcast, hosted by Art Barter, President of Servant Leadership Institute, Todd discusses key points from his new book.

Meet Our Resident Artist – Christine Lee Smith

​During the Season of Epiphany, Holy Trinity is developing the theme: The Revelation of Christ through The Stewardship Of Our Lives. ​In the same spirit, we’ve invited Christine Lee Smith to be our first ever “Artist in Residence!” An artist in residence is generally a creative person who enters an environment, organization or community (in our case a church family) to offer her talents, creative ideas, and research to collaboratively enrich the existing group of people inhabiting that environment. Christine has offered 6 pieces of contemplative photography which populate our website and weekly visual reflection cards. She, in conjunction with Lisa Igram and Elizabeth Khorey have authored reflective questions to assist us with thinking about the ways God is inviting us as individuals and as a community to steward our lives.

Be sure to say hi to Christine at church. Tell her what you are thinking about as you reflect on the images she’s brought to our community!

A little about Christine

As a contemplative photographer, Christine explores the connections between art and prayer, and truth and beauty.

Primarily a wedding and portrait photographer since 2006, Christine began exploring photography as an art form and other art mediums after completing her spiritual direction training in 2013. As a result she founded Epiphany:Visio where she uses her photography and creates safe spaces to help connect people with what Jesus may be stirring in their hearts through prayer and photography experiences.

Currently Christine enjoys using film cameras in different formats for her personal and fine art work. She enjoys photographing her surroundings and using her years of wedding photography experience to anticipate and capture moments.

Other tidbits:

  • has been wearing converse since 5th grade
  • loves reading art, psychology and spiritual formation books
  • loves the sound of a 289 V8 Ford engine starting up
  • lives and works in Long Beach
  • married to Matt

Christine’s website:

Anniversary Sunday

Sixth Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, September 27
It’s time to party & give thanks! Join us on the courtyard after the service for a special time of celebration: Holy Trinity is 6 years rooted as a thriving community of faith! We’ll have a “family meeting” in the chapel after cake, good food & fellowship! The family meeting will consist of a brief update regarding our development as a church, growing vision and ministries, and future direction.