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Baptisms & Dedications Sunday May 17 There really is no more beautiful example of real community than in that of the sacrament of baptism or in the dedication of a child to God. Join Holy Trinity on May 17 for this community celebration. If you or your child/children in your family want to be baptized or dedicated please confirm with Elizabeth Khorey. If you would like to speak to a pastor for more information  please contact Elizabeth at: beth@myholytrinitychurch.com. We will be having another baptism in the Fall. May May Monthly Gathering Friday, May 15 at 7:00 pm Location: Zona McKibben’s home ​Women’s Book Club Sunday, May 17th after the service Keep in Step With the Spirit by J.I. Packer Panera […]

Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, November 16

 Reading:  Genesis 45:1-15 and Mark 10:35-45 1.      As we are nearing the conclusion of Joseph’s story in Gen.45:1-15, read about his reunion and reconciliation with his brothers. How does his perspective of his life, his experiences, his place in God’s story impact you today? How does it help you with your own circumstantial experiences and history? Take a moment to look back over your life. Can you see God using harm for good? How does Rom.8:28 – God utilizing all things for his divine purposes – ring true for you in regard to your own history? 2.      Retaliation, revenge, or even power to subjugate the ones who caused great pain in Joseph’s life doesn’t seem to be a viable option for him. How have you […]

Staff & Vestry Christmas Appreciation Lunch December 7, 2014

Dear Church, This year we are having a special Christmas Party Lunch at which we will celebrate the Staff & Vestry. We have so many people who serve at Holy Trinity that we can no longer fit in a home. So on Sunday December 7, in place of Conversations we are having a special catered lunch after church in the courtyard—a really delicious Taco Cart is coming. For dessert we will have a special cake. Best of all, we will take a few minutes to thank those who care for us during the year, facilitating our worship, our daily and weekly discipleship and our special occasions. I look forward to celebrating with you, Todd

Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, November 9

Reading: Genesis 39:1-23 and John 14:25-31 1. In our readings this week we find Joseph in suffering and compromising situations. Yet there is one line in the story that is a game-changer: “Now the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered.” What do you discover about God’s eternal plans fulfilled in Joseph as you read his story at this stage of his life? How have you experienced prosperity in the midst of less than ideal circumstances or in trials of faith? 2. Joseph experienced great betrayal, mistreatment and slander from those he was serving. Have you ever experienced something similar in your life? What did that feel like? How did you respond? Did you ever experience God with you in […]