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Lord, Teach Us To Pray… Part 2

Below The Lord’s Prayer is presented in bite sized phrases followed by a few questions that may engage your prayerful reflections and language in prayer with God. (Matt. 6:9-13) Take a few moments today to breathe, slow down, and utilize the words of Jesus to enter more deeply into God’s heart. Spend moments talking with God honestly about whatever emerges from your heart. Linger on the petitions most relevant to you today. Our Father … How do you experience the parental love and care of God in your life? Have you experienced other believers as fathers or mothers giving parent care to you? How do these people image God as Father to you? in heaven… Does God feel near as the […]

Advent Readings: Sunday December 1, 2013

Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5 and Matthew 24:36-44 Reflections: Advent is the season when Jesus’ followers remember his first coming, and practice watchful prayer and soulful readiness in anticipation of his second coming at the end of the age. Advent readings can aid our attentiveness to ways God comes to us now in comfort and care, provision and help, safe-keeping and sustenance while we wait for Christ to come again. Jesus’ invitation to keep watch means to be awake, to be fully conscious or present to God in our daily lives. During Advent, we become mindful of: Christ among us, Christ within us, Christ’s coming to us again…and again! Reflection Questions: Can you identify places in your life that need God’s help: places of struggle, failure, disappointment? Awaken to […]

Lord, Teach Us To Pray… Part 1 (Luke 11:1)

The Lord’s Prayer, which we say together in church each Sunday, was the form of prayer Jesus gave to his first friends when they asked him how to pray. From my earliest recollection as a young child The Lord’s Prayer has been my primer. I cut my teeth on it as I kneeled with my mom and sister at our bedsides to say our night-time prayers. Candidly, I first experienced the concept of child-like faith and holy reverence through these ancient words, not through theological training.  As I grow spiritually and fill out the skeletal structure of the prayer through study and meditation, my heart and imagination widens from the experience of God’s parental care described in it. I return […]