Celebrating Four Years

Holy Trinity Church

Fourth Anniversary

September 2013

My Presence will go with you…

There is a memorable occasion in the forming of Israel into God’s people that God promised Moses: My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. (Ex. 33:14)

Holy Trinity is also being shaped by God’s presence. He is the power that launched us. He sustained our lives together these first four years. He enabled us to carry each other in the challenges of church planting: risk, learning curves, hard work and financial challenges; as well as sickness, hardship, heartache and loss. But his presence also enabled new friendships, forgiveness of one another, serving one another, learning to worship together as followers of Jesus in the Anglican way and discerning our mission.

I am thankful that Holy Trinity has made really good progress and helped many other churches get started across America. As we celebrate four years of God’s presence, we also seek the stability that comes with a healthy and growing church. I am optimistic about a few places of development as we cooperate with God’s presence:

  • It takes about five years to be shaped by Anglican worship such that it feels honest, true and heartfelt. I have a feeling that this fourth year Holy Trinity will travel much further down this path where God is always the first audience, but outsiders know they can find his presence among us.
  • God settling us in a stable, if not permanent home. This coming year may God find a way for us to not just have a home, but a kingdom lifeboat from which we can rescue the least, the last, the lost, the left out, and the broken.
  • From Moses to Holy Trinity, God has been focused on the creation of a people for himself. Everything Holy Trinity does is meant to cooperate with this Divine Design. We do this in two ways: a journey inward of spiritual transformation into Christlikeness and a journey outward so that others experience our formation as for their good. This is foundational and fundamental to our whole future.

A song says: Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place… Not just place in the practical sense of wood, bricks and steel, but place in terms of named human beings at worship and pursing discipleship to Jesus for the sake of others. The focus of my prayer and work is that such a reality is increasingly true for Holy Trinity.

If your soul cries out, if your heart is thirsty, let’s learn to life together in the goodness of God. Let’s learn to walk in the gentle peace and gracious pace of Jesus.

Happy Anniversary!

Todd Hunter

Andrew-Simon Peter's Brother

When John refers to the Andrew in his gospel he usually identifies him as “Andrew, Simon Peter's brother.” In other words, he's a second-string player, yet he humbly served God by bringing the people and resources to Jesus that had a profound impact on the lives of others. Most of us are called to be “Andrews,” following his example.

A Clearer View

Jesus seemed to have rich and full life. One might even say he was busy. But he was never out of control, never in a hurry. He maintained his pace and his poise through an ongoing conversation with his Father. He said:

  • I only do the things I see my father doing… (John 5:19)
  • I don’t do anything on my own… (John 5: 30)
  • I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me… (John 6:38)
  • I only say the things I see hear my Father saying… (John 12: 49, 50)

Jesus was alert to God and others. He noticed people—especially the least, the last, the left out and the marginalized. He naturally and organically pulled this off. He was never awkwardly self-conscious about it or affected in his speech or mannerisms.

How did he manage to do this? A rhythm of private prayer and public love—that is willing the good of, and working for the good of others.

Do you sometimes feel that your truest self and God are getting buried under the clutter of life? Ever wonder what can strip away day-to-day distractions, yielding to us a clearer picture of God and ourselves? Do what Jesus did: retreat from life in prayer for the sake of re-engaging with it with a clearer view. You have a point of view. I have a point of view. Jesus has view. He got it from his Father. We get it from him.


This week see if talking more to God can slow you down and make you more present to the people and events of your life.